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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jul 16, 2018

Today I’m sharing one of the most requested episodes yet: my results from doing a carnivore diet — which means eating only animal products — for 5.5 weeks.

At the beginning of March — after doing my own research and receiving a lot of questions about whether or not carnivore is healthy — I started a carnivore diet experiment to track its effects on my cognition, productivity, emotional well-being, energy, workout performance, and health markers. 

I had read countless anecdotes of people reporting improved mood, cognition, and overall health from going carnivore, and I wanted to test it out myself. 

Surprisingly, eating a carnivore diet made me feel a lot better than expected. 

In this solo episode, I share exactly what I ate, what my blood tests showed, how I felt on it, whether I stayed in ketosis or not, how my gut reacted, how my eating patterns changed, and a lot more. 

If you’re doing keto and feel curious about going full carnivore, this episode will give you a better idea of what to expect.