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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jan 3, 2019

On the surface, you see a chiseled Navy SEAL that’s clearly in shape and has his life together.

But that wasn’t always the case thanks to his hard upbringing.

At one point David Goggins had just 3 months to lose over 100 pounds in order to try out to become a Navy SEAL, which would help him escape his abusive, alcoholic father and help to support his mom who worked 3 jobs.

Determined to prove he could, David changed his mindset and put in the hard work necessary to achieve that goal and so many more.

And he continues to implement these same strategies -- which he shares in his latest book and this podcast episode -- to consistently improve his situation.

Join David and Dr. Anthony Gustin as they discuss David’s top tools for changing your mindset, overcoming a bad mentality, and finally making progress in your life.

Tune into the episode now to learn more!