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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Mar 25, 2019

While most people understand the benefits of fasting, few know the true power of reaching autophagy.

But what exactly is autophagy and the benefits associated with it?

We’ll briefly tackle the basics like these before moving on to more complex topics such as long-term fasting, muscle mass, mTOR, and protein synthesis.

Don’t let the complexity of the topics deter you though -- Siim shares his knowledge in an easy to digest format that both beginners and seasoned pros alike can understand.

In addition to that, you’ll also hear more about Siim’s tips for breaking a fast, prolonging a fast, carb refeeding, and whether or not you should workout while fasting.

As a best-selling author with close to 100k social media followers, Siim Land is a wealth of knowledge on the topic of autophagy and fasting and he shares everything he knows in this episode.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in the water here or you’ve been fasting for years now, this episode has something for you.

Tune in now to learn more!