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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jun 22, 2020

Dr. Anthony Gustin sits down with Chris Irvin, Perfect Keto’s Education Manager and The Ketologist, for another Q&A to tackle some more great questions from their listeners.

But this Q&A is a little different from the other six since it covers more of a hybrid style where Dr. Gustin answers questions and shares his latest experiment with Chris Irvin.

Dr. Gustin and Chris are experimenting with adding more carbs into their diets to see how they feel and what effects (if any) it has on their blood glucose, body composition, resting metabolic rate, and so much more.

They’ll also share why they’ve decided to do this and how it’s working so far. You’ll even hear if they’re going to continue this experiment or abandon it for another testing phase.

On top of discussing this experiment, Dr. Gustin and Chris are answering top questions pertaining to their thoughts on cyclical keto, the best times to add in carbs, their top carb sources, and more.

So if you’ve been considering adding more carbs into your keto diet, this podcast episode has a ton of great information in store for you.

Check out the episode now to learn more!