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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Aug 17, 2020

As you’ll hear about in this episode, roughly 90 million Americans are unknowingly living in a prediabetic state and up to 70% of them will end up being diabetic if they don’t address it starting today.

That’s why Josh Clemente, a founding partner at Levels Health, and his team are actively working to change that outcome by offering a continuous glucose monitor that is accessible even if you don’t have diagnosed blood sugar issues.

Because, as Josh explains, testing your fasting blood glucose and A1C level once a year aren’t enough to show you the true picture.

Instead, continuous glucose monitoring and making this something that most people start tracking -- just like you would with your steps or sleep -- long before any blood sugar issues surface is the answer to solving this issue.

Doing so has incredible results both in the short and long term which is why it’s so effective.

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear more about in this episode.

Josh and Dr. Anthony Gustin dive into why more people should be tracking their blood sugar using a CGM even if they don’t have diagnosed issues, the incredible information you can gather from doing this, and the powerful benefits that surface as a result of tracking.

Josh Clemente is a former SpaceX Lead Life Support Systems Engineer, a CrossFit L2 Trainer, a Senior Engineer at Hyperloop One and he’s part of the founding team at Levels Health, which aims to bring continuous glucose monitoring to the masses.

Tune in now to see why this is one area of your health that you can’t afford to skip and the benefits you’ll see when you start tracking.