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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jun 28, 2021

What does the mindset of an elite athlete look like?

Tim Grover, best-selling author, speaker, and personal trainer to many top athletes, not only has a peek into the mental state of top performers, he also helps shape them and creates a victory mentality and he comes on the show to share all about this.

Tim dives into what a victory mentality looks like, the definition of winning, the victim mentality and how to overcome this, and how to stack momentum.

Tim also shares tips for how you can change your life, why you should focus on the uncontrollable things that come at you, using routines, and the huge difference between trying your best and doing your best.

You’ll also hear Tim’s thoughts on finding balance, the separation between emotions and performance, and what to do if you’re in a rut. 

If you don’t know Tim Grover, he’s a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and personal trainer who has worked with incredible athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and more.

He’s created his Relentless System for helping people reach unimaginable heights personally and professionally so that they can be their absolute best.

As for his background, he earned a Master’s degree in Exercise Science and he was a former NCAA Division I basketball player.

He’s also been inducted into the UIC Hall of Fame with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010.

You may have even seen him on the docuseries The Last Dance.

Tim’s a super great guy who knows what it takes to achieve a victory mentality and he comes on the show to share this and dissect how he works with top athletes and more.

Tune in and enjoy!