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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jul 19, 2021

Chris Duffin is the only person to squat and deadlift over 1000 pounds for reps, he holds the Guinness World Record for the sumo deadlift, he’s been the number one ranked lifter in the world for eight years, and he’s a best-selling author.

With such an extensive background, he comes on the show with Dr. Anthony Gustin to share how to strengthen all parts of your life, including your mindset, relationships, body, and so much more.

Chris also discusses why it’s crucial for parents to pursue their dreams, how failure is your best teacher and why it’s necessary, what’s possible when you apply yourself to insurmountable tasks, and why you don’t need a bucket list.

Chris also chats about the five “whys”, filling your cup and how to do this, and how to really establish your values.

If you don’t know Chris, he has an engineering background, he’s earned an MBA, and he’s the best-selling author of The Eagle and The Dragon.

Chris has also co-founded Kabuki Strength, Build Fast Formula, and Barefoot Athletics and he knows what it takes to build strength in all areas of your life.

He comes on the show to share his knowledge on a number of different topics.

Tune in now to learn more and enjoy!