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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jul 26, 2021

James Connolly, producer of two documentaries, Sacred Cow and Death in the Garden, comes on the show to discuss the problems with our food system, how they’re only getting worse, and what we can do to fix things.

James first revolutionized the food system in some inner-city schools in New York and eventually went on to produce documentaries that highlight the true reality of the situation.

In this episode, you’ll learn about how our food system evolved, the issues it faced back then and today, what’s really driving these issues today, and what it’s going to take to fix this.

James also tackles the environmental issues with our food system, why he was a vegan for nine months and what happened as a result, and what’s going to happen if we don’t properly address these issues.

James also shares more about the research behind vegan documentaries and how his research is different and he wraps the episode up sharing the incredible story of Steven Dozinger, a social justice activist that’s been wrongfully incarcerated.

As mentioned above, James Connolly is the producer of the documentaries Sacred Cow and Death in the Garden. He’s also the co-producer of The Sustainable Dish podcast.

In addition, James is an artist, chef, and non-profit co-founder of The Bubble Foundation, which focuses on issues of wellness and food insecurity in inner-city public schools.

Tune in now to learn more and enjoy!