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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dec 5, 2022

In this podcast episode, co-author of Keto Answers and The Ketologist, Chris Irvin and Dr. Anthony Gustin discuss their observations on social media, tech, and mental health, how Chris is navigating fatherhood while staying healthy, and what they’re currently tweaking when it comes to their own health.


Dr. Gustin also share an update on how farm life is going, his experience sending his first batch of pigs for processing and nutrient testing, the differences between grass-fed and grain-fed animals, and the types of therapies he’s currently experimenting with.


If this is your first time meeting Chris Irvin, he’s an author, nutrition science researcher, Head of Education at Perfect Keto, and The Ketologist. 


He holds a Master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science and he spent his time in graduate school studying the keto diet for therapeutic applications and performance.


Chris is also the father to a now one-year-old son and he comes on the show to share his experience navigating fatherhood and health in this episode.


Here’s a breakdown of everything Chris and Dr. Gustin get into:

  • How farm life is going, including Dr. Gustin’s experience chasing a pig and getting covered in hundreds of fire ants
  • Dr. Gustin’s experience getting his first batch of pigs ready for processing and nutrient testing
  • The nutrient differences between grass-fed and grain-fed animals
  • The differences in saturated fats between grass-fed and grain-fed animals
  • The current issues with social media
  • What Chris and Dr. Gustin are most interested in when it comes to health lately
  • Some use cases where the Metaverse could be really helpful
  • How technology can be both useful and detrimental to your health and what you can do to protect yourself
  • What Chris Irvin and Dr. Gustin are currently toying with when it comes to their health
  • The type of therapies Dr. Gustin is currently undergoing
  • How Dr. Gustin keeps track of the progress of his healthy habits
  • Their thoughts on mental health and what you can do to improve it


Resources mentioned in this episode: