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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Mar 12, 2018

The fuel your body runs on determines how you feel and perform.  

Relying on carbs when you should be using fat, or vice-versa, can lower your workout performance, mental energy, and productivity. 

Metabolic flexibility unlocks your ability to switch between fats and carbs easily so you can adapt to different situations.

Dr. Mike T Nelson is an expert in metabolic flexibility and our guest today. He has a PhD in Exercise Physiology, a Masters’ in Biomechanics, he’s a professor and a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and a professor in human performance at Carrick Institute for Functional Neurology.

He's dedicated his career to figuring out how to make the human body stronger, healthier, and more adaptable. 

In this episode, he goes deep into what metabolic flexibility is, how you can achieve it, how to balance your carbs and fats for optimal performance, the health markers you should track, and a lot more.