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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Apr 20, 2020

Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist, is well-known for the work she does with celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Molly Sims, Chelsea Handler, Emmy Rossum, and so many more.

For these A-list clients, Kelly helps them get into shape for roles in a healthy, sustainable way.

But that’s not all she’s up to.

She’s also authored two best-selling books, Body Love and Body Love Every Day, which brings her simple framework to everyday readers.

What’s great about Kelly’s approach is that she takes complex science-based nutrition topics and simplifies them in a way that anyone can understand them and apply them to their everyday lives.

When you tune in, you’ll learn about her simple Fab Four framework and how this helps manage blood sugar, improve satiety, and keeps people looking and feeling their best.

Kelly also discusses her simple recipe for creating a Fab Four smoothie, why it’s crucial to manage blood sugar levels, understanding net carbs, and so much more.

Kelly is also a mom who runs a thriving holistic nutrition practice so she understands what it means to live a busy life while still trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why she’s sharing her simple frameworks in this episode so anyone can start making healthy habits stick no matter how crazy their schedule is.

And that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this episode.

Kelly and Dr. Anthony Gustin also dive into other important areas of health, such as movement and eliminating household chemicals, and how you can weave these practices in without overhauling your entire life.

On top of everything just mentioned, Kelly also holds a 200 Hr Yoga Instructor certification and she’s an NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer.

Tune into the episode now to learn more about the simple frameworks Kelly uses on A-list celebrities and everyday clients alike.