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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Sep 7, 2020

Andy Mant, the CEO and founder of BLUblox, which are blue light blocking glasses that have actually been tested, comes on the show to discuss how different types of light affect your health and the research behind how this is possible.

Andy’s shares his extensive knowledge on the topic, what you can do to mitigate unnatural light exposure to improve your health, and how these lights affect your sleep, weight, blood glucose levels and more.

Dr. Gustin and Andy also discuss common household items that could also be wreaking havoc on your health, why most blue light blocking glasses are bogus, how to tell if yours are, and when to wear your blue light blocking glasses to be most effective.

You’ll also discover whether night mode on your devices is really helpful, the side effects you may notice when blocking out harmful lights, and what else you can do to keep yourself protected.

As mentioned earlier, Andy Mant is the founder of BLUblox’s blue light blocking glasses. He’s played an integral part in helping to develop the technology behind these crazy effective glasses thanks to several years of research and product testing.

Andy spends his time diving into the science behind this technology and he shares this knowledge with as many people as possible to help empower them to improve their health one step at a time.

And that’s exactly what you’ll hear about in this episode. 

Tune in now to learn more!