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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Oct 5, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered why some people get sick with chronic diseases, today’s guest, Dr. Benjamin Bikman, a top researcher, author, and lecturer, has the answer.

When you tune into this episode with Dr. Anthony Gustin and Dr. Bikman, you’ll hear more about how Dr. Bikman learned what was to blame, his simple yet effective framework for combating this issue and preventing chronic diseases from surfacing, and what diseases are connected to this issue.

You’ll also learn what tests you can have done to see if this is currently a problem for you.

Dr. Bikman also dives into how intermittent fasting is a great tool to use here but only when done correctly, which he’ll share more about.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Bikman’s work, he received a doctorate degree in bioenergetics and a master’s degree in exercise physiology.

Since achieving those, he went on to study the causes of metabolic disorders like obesity, type 2 diabetes, and dementia as a leading researcher at Brigham Young University where he was also a professor for over a decade.

He publishes his work in peer-reviewed journals and presents across the globe (pre-Covid) at international science conferences and continues to study the role of insulin in the body.

On top of his academic achievements, Dr. Bikman recently published a book titled, Why We Get Sick: The Hidden Epidemic at the Root of Most Chronic Disease—and How to Fight It, which you’ll also hear more about in this episode.

Dr. Bikman also addresses why our current nutritional advice is outdated and causing more people to get sick and what can be done to fix it starting today.

Tune into this eye-opening episode now to learn more!