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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jan 25, 2021

Katie Wells, known as the Wellness Mama, built an incredible health and wellness empire over a decade ago.

She’s created cookbooks, a podcast, and, most recently, a line of toxin-free personal care products that add beneficial ingredients in while taking commonly used chemicals out, on top of writing over 1,500 blog articles.

In this episode, Katie and Dr. Anthony Gustin sit down to chat about a number of different topics ranging from extended-day fasts, using self-exploration to improve your life, overcoming past traumas, and how she reversed Hashimoto’s after dealing with it for 10+ years.

Katie also shares how she’s raising her children differently -- with no screen time limits -- so they can be independent and exceptional critical thinkers.

You’ll also hear Katie’s unique approach to raising her kids, how she’s building an online course to help other parents do the same, and why she’s choosing a different curriculum for her family.

On top of that, Katie also talks about the supplements she uses and why, how she rotates them, and what else she’s working on when it comes to creating toxin-free personal care products.

In addition to being a best-selling cookbook author, podcaster, blogger, and now a toxin-free personal care product developer, Katie Wells is a mother of six who believes in taking health into your own hands.

She created Wellness Mama as a resource to help others do just that and live a healthier life that eliminates harmful chemicals.

When you tune in, you’ll see how she’s able to improve her life and her children’s lives each year by taking intentional steps in the right direction to get out of their comfort zone and into answering those tough “why” questions.

Check out the episode now to learn more!