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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Aug 8, 2022

Dr. Anthony Gustin sits down to chat with Jake Muise, the CEO and Founder of Maui Nui Venison, to discuss the overpopulation of Axis deer in Hawaii and what’s being done about it.


When you tune in, you’ll learn about how this overpopulation of deer started, how it spread, why it’s such a problem for the people and environment in Hawaii, and more. 


Jake also dives into his stress-free humane harvesting practices, how that’s even possible, his upbringing and background, and how he found himself moving from Northern Canada to Hawaii to eventually tackling the overpopulation of Axis deer on the islands.


You’ll also get a sneak peek into Jake’s incredible operation: from getting USDA certified to what his on-the-spot harvesting actually looks like to how they hunt deer at night in the most humane way possible.


Here’s a breakdown of what Jake and Dr. Gustin chat about:

  • How Jake went from living in Northern Canada for most of his life to living in Hawaii
  • How Jake’s family lived off of the land
  • How the deer overpopulation in Hawaii started
  • How the population is spreading today
  • Why the overpopulation of these deer is a problem
  • When it became an issue
  • How all of this led Jake to do what he does now
  • Why you can’t just hunt and sell that meat
  • What Jake’s incredible process looks like
  • What the ultimate goal is with these deer
  • More about Jake’s company Maui Nui Venison, which humanely harvests Axis deer out of Hawaii