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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Sep 28, 2022

Brian Richards, founder of SaunaSpace, found himself sick and struggling with insomnia, adult acne, and adrenal fatigue.


After months of research and working with an alternative medicine doctor, he discovered that near infrared saunas could offer him a non-medicated solution.


Within days of using a near infrared sauna, he noticed an immediate change in his symptoms and he saw such positive benefits that he continued with his sauna practice for the past 13 years — it’s been that life-changing for him.


Over the course of that time, Brian dove into the research and he comes on the podcast to share everything he’s learned along the way with listeners and Dr. Anthony Gustin.


When you tune in, you’ll discover the ancestral connection, why we need exposure to heat now more than ever, and the benefits that come with this practice.


On top of those topics, Brian shares practical use cases and whether you should use a wet or dry sauna, how long you should stay in a sauna, should you do it before or after a workout, how many times per week you could use a sauna, and more.


So not only will you learn about the benefits of using saunas, you’ll also find a practical guide for how to do just that to reap the biggest health perks when you check out the episode.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store:

  • Brian’s journey and how he went from working in rental real estate and on fixer uppers to creating SaunaSpace, a zero EMF near infrared sauna 
  • Why Brian chose to use incandescent light instead of heat in his saunas
  • The three things to achieve with each sauna session
  • Dynorphins, including what they are and how they can be beneficial
  • What the research shows when combining sauna and exercise 
  • Should you do a workout, then do a sauna session, then expose yourself to cold temperatures?
  • The protocol Brian recommends when it comes to hot and cold therapy
  • How a sauna session can help before bed
  • 5G frequency bands and why this matters