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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jan 17, 2024

Dan Miller is the founder and CEO of Steward, a crowdfunding platform for investing in regenerative agriculture projects. He discusses how it all works with Dr. Anthony Gustin.


After Dan pioneered crowdfunding for real estate investing with his company Fundrise, he decided to move into something he was more passionate about: fixing the food system. 


Steward empowers everyday investors to vote with their dollar and support regenerative farms beyond simply buying their goods. 


Since launching in 2020, they’ve crowdsourced and provided over $30 million in short-term loans to fund more than 90 regenerative projects across the US.


Tune into the episode to hear Dan and Dr. Gustin chat about:

  • How Dan used what he learned scaling Fundrise to launch and grow Steward

  • Why financing is the biggest challenge for regenerative to become the norm and what’s wrong with the current system

  • The surprising new generation entering the regenerative agriculture space 

  • How Steward vets and supports borrowers to drive returns for investors

  • Success stories and community impacts

  • What happens if there’s a default, the average portfolio yield, the minimum investors need to start, and more!


Resources mentioned in this episode: