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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jan 15, 2019

To improve as an MMA fighter, Kyle Kingsbury turned to meditation and self-reflection, which helped to calm his mind and keep it quiet during fights.

But he quickly realized that these tools were also helping him become a better person.

Fast forward 10 years later and Kyle has moved on from being a professional athlete...

Jan 7, 2019

Is it possible to build muscle on keto?

Or do you need carbs to do this?

And if it’s not carbs, then what is it?

Should you just increase your fat intake? Or protein? Or both?

Instead of being overwhelmed by what to do, tune into this podcast episode with the self-proclaimed Keto King, Brandon Carter, who has made it...

Jan 3, 2019

On the surface, you see a chiseled Navy SEAL that’s clearly in shape and has his life together.

But that wasn’t always the case thanks to his hard upbringing.

At one point David Goggins had just 3 months to lose over 100 pounds in order to try out to become a Navy SEAL, which would help him escape his abusive,...