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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Oct 22, 2018

Do exogenous ketones or MCT oil stop fat burning?

Is keto a possibility for wine lovers and drinkers?

Is it bad for you to keep going in and out of ketosis?

Questions like these come in from our Perfect Keto community all the time.

So, to help you decipher between facts and fake news, I’m sitting down with our Head of Partnerships, Alex Cunningham, to answer 10 more of your top keto questions.

We’ll discuss everything from exogenous ketones and MCT oil on fat burning, the best sources of micronutrients, building muscle and drinking on keto, and what really happens when you cycle in and out of ketosis.

We’ll also share some tips for restoring gut health and how long it can take to repair damage once it’s been done.

If you’ve had questions on keto, check out this podcast to finally have some answers.