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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

May 4, 2020

Vivica Menegaz, a nutritionist and holistic practitioner, comes on the show to share her experience with moving through traumas and shifting to a better mental health mindset using alternative medicines.

These medicines aren’t your typical treatments but they are ones that are growing in popularity due to their effectiveness.

If the title of this podcast hasn’t given it away yet, Vivica is going to share her journey with using substances like psychedelic mushrooms, MDMA, and ayahuasca to heal the traumas she’s experienced.

Vivica also discusses how these traumas could be affecting your health and, even if you work out and eat healthy, they may not be enough to help you feel better overall.

That’s why she believes that starting to address the traumas that are at the root of your health should be something worth considering.

You’ll also discover what else you can do if you don’t have access to these alternative medicines.

For any new listeners who don’t yet know Vivica Menegaz, she’s most known for being a nutritionist, cookbook author, and blogger of The Nourished Caveman, a site that shares a therapeutic approach to food.

She’s even created her own Healing Foods Method to help people transform their health by switching to a whole-foods, low-carb lifestyle.

But nutrition isn’t her only area of expertise.

As you’ll hear more about in this episode, Vivica is also a holistic practitioner who guides people using plant-based medicines like ayahuasca and others.

In this area, she helps people move through emotional and mental blocks and helps them get past traumas that could be holding them back.

If traumas have caused you to retreat and you feel you’re being held back from them as a result, we highly encourage you to check out this episode now to learn more!

Even if you don’t think past traumas are affecting you, we still suggest tuning in since this episode may be a real eye-opener.