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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Jul 30, 2018

Your body is constantly interacting with your environment, and every single interaction impacts your health, for better or worse.

Biohacking means optimizing these interactions through better habits, choices, and techniques so you can be as healthy as possible. 

Through biohacking, you can prevent fatal diseases, boost the quality of your life and even extend your lifespan.

This week, I'm chatting with Dr. John Limansky, aka The Keto Doctor, about the biohacking techniques he uses to enhance not only his own health but that of his patients and family as well.

Shortly after Dr. Limansky became a physician, he decided to focus his career on preventive health care instead of the traditional curative approach that doesn't address the root cause of disease. 

Through his work, he's learned which habits make the most impact on our well-being and what we should focus on to enjoy optimal health. 

Listen in to learn how to upgrade your sleep, reduce stress, improve your nutrition, and lead a better life.