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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dec 18, 2020

Certified nutritionist, teacher, author, and yoga instructor Mary Ruddick was sick for over 12 years, unable to walk to the bathroom due to an infection that attacked her brain and nervous system.

She also dealt with severe kidney, liver, and lung disease, was on a countless number of medications, and was seen by dozens of well-renowned doctors who couldn’t help heal her conditions.

Fast forward to today and Mary looks like the picture perfect image of health and she’s never felt better since she was able to reverse her chronic diseases and dysautonomia.

In her effort to heal her own conditions, Mary tested out different diets.

She even cured her PCOS and endometriosis after being told she should remove huge chunks of her reproductive system.

Mary discusses how that’s possible along with why she now studies diets from around the world to uncover what makes some cultures healthier than others.

Mary and Dr. Anthony Gustin also dive into whether chronic diseases are normalized in other countries, how different cultures are able to do better on certain diets, and how to make both mental shifts and lifestyle changes to improve your health.

You’ll also hear more about the gut microbiome and whether being in good health is genetic.

Tune into the episode now to see what it takes to heal chronic diseases starting today.