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The Natural State with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Oct 31, 2023

Julie Friend is a regenerative farmer and founder of Wildom Farm. She chats with Dr. Anthony Gustin about how she holistically and humanely raises multi-species in a forest and pasture-based system. 


Tune in to the episode to hear them discuss:

  • What inspired Julie to leave Chicago (and a job in fashion) to become a farmer

  • What it was like adjusting from urban to rural life

  • Why buying from local farmers eliminates food confusion  

  • How to build an intentional brand around a farm and diversify 

  • The perks of opening a farm store

  • The differences between forest and pasture-raised pork

  • How species-appropriate diets and native foraging affect pigs

  • Achieving nose-to-tail utilization with small processors 

  • The wave of women in the regenerative agriculture space


Resources mentioned in this episode: